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The Downtown Reno Library has reopened. Due to ongoing construction, elevator access is currently not available. Computers and restrooms are available on the main level for patrons who are unable to use the stairs, and staff can assist with retrieving materials from other levels.



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Winter STEAM Programs & Events

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Our 2018-19 Winter Reading Program, Full STEAM Ahead!, runs from December 15 - January 15. Sign up here.

How does it work?

Just sign up and begin logging your reading on December 15. After you have read and logged 200 minutes of reading, you will receive a free book!

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Washoe County Library System is proud that the Northwest Reno library was selected by Star Net as one of only 14 library locations chosen to host the national tour of the Explore Tech exhibit.

This exhibit shows how engineering provides solutions to better meet human needs and develops sustainable innovations for the future, including how engineers create new technologies to solve problems.

It features hands-on and multimedia components that allow exhibit visitors to interact with exhibit content in a dynamic way, encouraging new perspectives about engineers and their vital work.

Explore Tech: Engineers Make a World of Difference will be on display at the Northwest Reno Library from November 8, 2018 through January 11, 2019. Join us for special programs at the Northwest Reno Library during this time.

Thursday, November 8, 6-8pm: Opening Reception, Northwest Reno Library

The Northwest Reno library has planned special programming in conjunction with the Explore Tech exhibit. We'll be celebrating engineering and technology all winter long! Saturday programs for children presented by KNPB/PBS Ready to Learn and UNR’s College of Engineering ME2 Lab.

Saturday, November 10, 11 am: ME2 Lab Presents: Environmental Engineering, Northwest Reno Library
Learn what environmental engineers do when testing water. Learn to identify pH levels and remove blue dye from the water.

Saturday, November 17, 11 am PBS Ready to Learn Presents: Float My Boat, Northwest Reno Library
Create an aluminum foil boat that can hold pennies without sinking, while learning how a boat’s design can affect its buoyancy. Focus on the engineering design process; develop a sketch, build a physical model, and collect and analyze data.

Saturday, November 24, 11 am: ME2 Lab Presents: Shake it Up!, Northwest Reno Library 
Learn the basic principles and concepts of earthquakes and their impact on structures around them. Build a pipe cleaner tower that will be "shaken up" and tested on a miniature shake table.

Saturday, December 1, 11 am: PBS Ready to Learn Presents: Canine House of Cards, Northwest Reno Library
As an introduction to the engineering design process, construct a strong building out of tape and index cards, using one common architectural shape. Buildings will need to be stable and hold at least one dog biscuit.

Saturday, December 8, 11 am: ME2 Lab Presents: Unplugged Robotics, Northwest Reno Library
Create algorithms to solve engineering problems. Learn to control a robot claw in this interactive activity. Use magnetic pieces on a board to make the robot accomplish simple tasks.

Saturday, December 15, 11 am: PBS Ready to Learn Presents: Give it a Push, Give it a Pull, Northwest Reno Library
Observe, measure, and describe how pushes and pulls of various objects are used to produce and control motion. Conduct simple hands-on investigations about motion.

Saturday, December 22, 11 am: ME2 Lab Presents: Magnetism and Electricity, Northwest Reno Library
Learn the basic science concepts of magnetism and electricity and how they can be applied in the construction of a mini-electric motor.      

Saturday, December 29, 11 am: PBS Ready to Learn Presents: Spool Racer, Northwest Reno Library
Explore potential and kinetic energy by making a spool racer. This tabletop vehicle stores energy in the elasticity of a rubber band. Get ready, set, and roll!

Saturday, January 5, 11 am: ME2 Lab Presents: Renewable Energy, Northwest Reno Library
Build a solar-powered energy turbine after discussing various renewable energy sources.

Wednesday night films at the Northwest Reno Library courtesy of KNPB Passport member benefit. Enjoy these PBS films from NOVA, American Experience, Time Scanners and Impossible Builds.

Wednesday, November 14, 5 pm: Operation Lighthouse Rescue (NOVA), Northwest Reno Library 
Join engineers as they race to rescue an historic lighthouse from certain doom.

Wednesday, November 21, 3 pm: Colosseum (Time Scanners), Northwest Reno Library 
Learn engineering secrets of the ancient Roman arena. The library will close after the screening at 5 pm for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Wednesday, November 28, 5 pm: The Race Underground (American Experience), Northwest Reno Library
The dramatic story of the nation's first subway.

Wednesday, December 5, 5 pm: The Scorpion Tower (Impossible Builds), Northwest Reno Library
Follow the complex construction of a unique skyscraper with its skeleton on the outside.

Wednesday, December 12, 5 pm: Tesla (American Experience), Northwest Reno Library
Meet the genius engineer and inventor whose technology helped create our wireless world.

Wednesday, December 19, 5 pm: Super Tunnel (NOVA), Northwest Reno Library 
Join engineers as they build a massive new railway deep beneath the streets of London.

Wednesday, December 26, 5 pm: Machu Picchu (Time Scanners), Northwest Reno Library
Watch cutting-edge technology uncover construction secrets from this ancient Incan city.

Wednesday, January 2, 5 pm: Steve Jobs: One Last Thing, Northwest Reno Library
An inside look at the man and the major influences that helped shape his life and career.

Wednesday, January 9,  5 pm: Rise of the Robots (NOVA), Northwest Reno Library
How will human-like robots change our future and how we see ourselves?

Many thanks to sponsors of our Explore Tech exhibit and Winter Reading Program:

StarNet, American Library Association, Space Science Institute, Lunar and Planetary Institute, National Science Foundation, NASA, Aftershool Alliance, KNPB, and the Science Education Partnership award.


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