Downtown Reno Library elevator repair
The Downtown Reno Library has reopened. Due to ongoing construction, elevator access is currently not available. Computers and restrooms are available on the main level for patrons who are unable to use the stairs, and staff can assist with retrieving materials from other levels.



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Who We Are

Jeff ScottJeff Scott, Library Director

Telephone: 775-327-8341
FAX: 775-327-8392

Jeff Scott began his career over 20 years ago at the Arizona Historical Foundation, an archive of Senator Barry Goldwater, at Arizona State University. During his career, he has served as the library director for Casa Grande, Arizona, Tulare County, and Berkeley, California. In addition, Jeff has served on the California Library Association Board and as President of the Nevada Library Association. Appointed as the Library Director for the Washoe County Library System (WCLS) in 2015, he has renovated numerous library facilities, expanded outreach, created operational and strategic plans, and, together with the talented staff of WCLS, strives to make the library a welcoming and enriching place to visit and work.

Stacy McKenzieStacy McKenzie, Assistant Library Director

Stacy McKenzie has over 30 years of library experience serving a variety of communities including academic, public, special, and institutional settings. From shelving in the stacks at Texas Tech University as a student assistant to serving as Director of Library Services for Lubbock, Texas, Stacy believes in library access for all and works toward making sure public libraries are viewed as an essential part of a thriving community. She has served as chair of the Colorado Library Association Conference as well as Regional Chair for the Texas association of Libraries. Her education varies from agricultural studies to theater and fine arts, and she considers herself a lifelong learner who will always enjoy research and study of new topics. When Stacy is not promoting libraries, ensuring patron access/privacy, or supporting library staff, Stacy enjoys gardening, scuba diving, and tending to her many pets to achieve a good work/life balance.

Library Administration

PO Box 2151
Reno, NV 89505

Telephone: 775-327-8341
FAX: 775-327-8392

Debi Stears, Collection Development Manager

Telephone: 775-327-8349

Brenda Owens, Library Technology Manager

Telephone: 775-327-8347

Beate Weinert, Youth Services Library Events Manager

Telephone: 775-327-8361

John Andrews, Internet Services Librarian

Telephone: 775-327-8364

Jamie Hemingway, Public Information and Development Officer

Telephone: 775-237-8360


Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission ... is to connect people with information, ideas and experiences to support an enriched and engaged community, one person at a time.

Our Vision ... is that all Washoe County residents benefit from the Library's support of literacy and self-education.

Our Statement of Values

Learning and Literacy

We uphold lifelong learning as the core foundation of our service, and promote reading as a fundamental life skill.


We make enriching cultural and intellectual resources available to all.

Customer Service

We help meet the need of information services, while effectively addressing the range of literacy levels.


We address the desire for self-directed personal growth and development opportunities.


We recruit and retain qualified employees, provide them with timely training and development opportunities, and recognize that they are our most valuable resource.

Fiscal Responsibility

We manage the human and financial resources entrusted to us in a cost-effective manner, and support only those facilities and services that are sustainable within the realities of our financial limits.


As a forward-thinking organization, we are responsive to our users' needs and interests, continuously adapting what we do and how we do it.


We believe in the power of coming together, and expand our impact in the community through appropriate partnerships with individuals, public and nonprofit agencies, educators, community groups and businesses.


The Wall Street Journal

Full access to the most recent issues of the Journal


Our digital collection features thousands of titles you can access with Libby

The New York Times

Complimentary digital access to The New York Times

Reading Challenges

Participate in all our reading challenges with the Beanstack app


Learn popular technology, apps, and websites with a senior focus

Small Engine Repair Reference Center

Detailed, user-friendly repair guides for all manner of small engines

NoveList Plus

Reading recommendations, series information, and more tools for readers

Mango Languages

Easy access to language learning . More than 72 languages offered.

LinkedIn Learning

Creative, business, and technology courses for in-depth learning

Computer Skills Center

Video courses to learn popular software and computer basics

1,000 Miles Project

The first-hand account of a 1914 prospecting trip across Nevada provides an engaging way to study history

WorldBook Online

With activities and a suite of research tools, it's more than an encyclopedia

TumbleBook Library

A collection of talking, animated picture books and ebooks for kids


Our digital collection features thousands of titles you can access with Libby

1,000 Miles Project

The first-hand account of a 1914 prospecting trip across Nevada provides an engaging way to study history

WorldBook Online

With activities and a suite of research tools, it's more than an encyclopedia

Brainfuse HelpNow

Live homework help, writing lab, test prep, and other student resources


Research resources and tools for students and teachers


Science, technology, engineering, and art resources

Family Engagement and Literacy

Cultural and educational resources for kids of all ages

Get a Card

Sign up for an instant digital card to get access to all our online resources.

Apps and Tools

Many of our most popular resources have apps for easy use on mobile devices.


Disfrute de más de 50 libros, libros de dibujos, y libros con audio para niños de todas las edades.

Referencia Latina

Texto completo cubre una amplia gama de temas dentro y fuera de la academia.


Colección de libros electrónicos y audiolibros descargables en inglés o español y revistas.

The New York Times

Acceso gratuito en línea al New York Times, tanto de forma remota como en la biblioteca.


Tutoría en vivo en español o inglés está disponible con Brainfuse HelpNow