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Recent Projects 

Here are our five most recent STEAM projects. Below those you will find older projects, categorized by Science, Technology & Engineering, and Math. Whateven category the project is in, it will probably include some element of art, too.

Earth Science Resources

Let's wrap up Earth Science Week 2020 with a few Earth science tidbits, a fun scavenger hunt, and some helpful resources for further geoscience explorations. See you next year for Earth Science Week 2021! 


Simple Machines

Work, work, work! Most people do some kind of work every day. Simple machines are devices used by humans, and even some animals, that make work easier. Let us introduce you to these simple machines and how they are used, then try our scavenger hunt to see what you’ve learned.


Geothermal Energy

Have you ever soaked in a hot spring or watched a geyser erupt? These amazing natural features are fueled by the extreme temperatures found inside the Earth. They are also examples of geothermal energy.  Discover this important source of renewable energy with our STEAM activity. 


Atoms and Molecules

What is the tiniest thing you can imagine? Atoms and molecules are probably even smaller than that! The largest atom is about a million times smaller than the width of a human hair.  Learn more about these amazing building blocks of matter with this fun activity. 


Fall Colors

Some trees and plants put on a magical show of color before they lose their leaves for the winter. You may see brilliant clusters of gold, red, orange, yellow, or purple in your neighborhood. Find out why and how this annual transformation happens. 


Projects by Category

Shoo Fly

Houseflies are those pesky flying insects that show up uninvited at your summer picnic or slip into your house if you leave a door open too long. Did you know that there are more than 100,000 different kinds of flies? Learn more interesting fly facts and find out how to keep them away. 


Float Your Boat

Have you ever watched a sailboat glide across the water or wondered how a large ship weighing many tons can stay afloat? It seems like something so heavy would sink as soon as it launched. Discover how the force of buoyancy can keep heavy things afloat.


Good Vibrations

Sound is a wave of energy. Not only can you hear it, but you can feel those waves vibrate throughout your body. Find out how your ears and brain process sound, then try our fun activity to discover how you can see sound waves, too!


Listen to Your Heart

A doctor listens to your heart with a stethoscope to check for healthy beats and proper heart rhythm. Did you know that you can make your own stethoscope at home? Try it with us, and hear what your heart sounds like!


Apple Oxidation

Have you ever wondered why some fruits and vegetables turn brown and look yucky after you slice them? What about that banana that turns brown after it sits for a few days? Let us tell you why!


Tree Rings

The rings inside a tree trunk are full of fascinating information! They can tell you the age of the tree and lots more. Learn how to uncover some of the secrets old trees have to share, if you’re willing to pay attention.


Leaf Transpiration

Do plants breathe? Can they sweat? Yes, they do. And indeed, they can! You’ll learn about the fascinating transpiration process that keeps those breathing, sweating plants alive in this cool activity.


Ocean Planet Scavenger Hunt

We’ve got some surprising ways for you to learn about our ocean planet. Our scavenger hunt will lead you on a search for things related to sea life right here in the beautiful Northern Nevada desert! 



Slimy, gooey, sticky, crusty, wet, and gross. Those words can describe something you may also call boogers, or snot! That stuff is actually called mucus, and it’s found in many parts of our bodies. Discover all the slippery details with this hands-on activity.


Bouncing Eggs

Everyone knows that eggs are fragile and crack easily. But did you know that, with just a few simple ingredients and a little bit of time on your hands, you can make an egg that bounces? Find out how with this egg-cellent activity!


Moving Colors

Do you have a favorite color? Maybe you enjoy drawing or coloring with crayons, also called colors. But do you know what color really is? We’ll give you a hint: it’s more than just pretty pictures or a shiny new paint set.



Got any magnets lying around the house? Grab a few, and we’ll learn about magnets and magnetic attraction!


Feel the Beat

There’s a mighty pump right inside your chest that beats about 100,000 times each day. Do you know what that organ is called? Check out our activities, and see if you are correct!


Elephant Toothpaste


Time to Scrub

Sharing is great, but not when it comes to germs! It is very important to wash your hands properly to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. Learn more about those tiny microbes with a couple of simple activities.


Pennies in Your Pocket

Pennies may not be worth very much, but these small coins possess lots of interesting chemistry. If you’ve got a few cents on hand, we can discover more about them.



Discover some of the interesting designs and patterns found within your very own fingerprints. Each print is unique. They are a small part of what makes you one of a kind! 


Lava Lamp


Straighten Up

Has anyone ever told you to stand or sit up straight? Have you noticed how much better you feel when you do? Check your posture with this simple activity, and learn how straightening up is good for your health.


Meet the Octopus

Would you like to shake hands with an octopus? If you could, which of its eight long arms, or tentacles, would you choose? There’s so much to learn about these amazing creatures. Let’s get started!  


Craft Stick Bracelet

Wood is a very strong material, but you can bend it and shape it into a beautiful bracelet of your very own. You just need to know a few facts plus some simple tricks to get the job done.


Flying Paper Clips

Experiment with the invisible force of magnetism using a paper clip, a piece of string, a bit of tape, and a magnet. Amaze your friends when you make a paper clip fly!


Static Electricity Butterfly

If you’ve ever pulled a cap off your head and noticed your hair sticking out in all directions, then you’ve experienced static electricity. Let’s make a very special butterfly and discover more about this mildly shocking form of electricity! 


Sound Sandwich

Did you know that you can make a musical instrument with just craft sticks, rubber bands, and straws? Follow these simple instructions adapted from San Francisco’s Exploratorium and you’ll be making music in no time! 


Spot the Mammals

Can you guess which animals are mammals? Having trouble guessing? Check out our databases World Book and Explora to learn more about each animal and see if you are right!


Bird Feeder

Make your own bird feeder to attract birds to your yard, then see if you can identify the different species that come to snack and visit!


Celery Science

Are you a celery fan? Do you have some in your kitchen right now? If so, grab a few stalks and see what this crunchy, stringy veggie can teach us about the movement of water through plants.


Garbage Gardening

Did you know that you can grow plants from kitchen scraps? Save the scraps from your next meal prep (root vegetables and fruit seeds work well) and start an indoor garden project!


Bean Babies

Have you ever wondered what might be hiding inside that bag of dried beans in your pantry? Let's take a peek and see what we can find there.


Square Foot Science

Measure one square foot of land and see what natural wonders you can find within that small space. Be observant; there’s lots to discover! 


Nature Walk Activity Sheet

Ready to get out and breath some fresh air? Explore your own backyard or neighborhood park with the help of this great activity sheet. Record what you find and then check out a few resources for further investigation.


Blowing in the Wind

The wind can cool things down or heat things up. It can make wind chimes ring and mobiles twirl. Do you know what makes the wind blow? How can you observe the wind when you can’t see it? Learn more with this simple experiment.


Water Cycle in a Bag

Water is important for all living things. Have you ever wondered where water comes from and where it goes? Learn all about it by making your very own water cycle in a bag!



Take a break outdoors and watch the clouds float by. Learn how clouds are formed and try to identify the different types.


Optical Illusions  

Your eyes can play tricks on you, so don’t believe everything you see! Explore the world of optical illusions and learn how they work.


Rock Candy

Have you ever tasted rock candy? It’s made out of sugar, not rocks! Try making some at home, and learn a bit of chemistry while you’re making a tasty treat.


Ice Cream in a Bag

Making homemade ice cream is super easy, and the results are delicious. Let’s mix up a batch and learn about some of the chemistry involved in turning cream into ice cream.


Invisible Ink

Calling all secret agents! Learn how to mix up some special ink to keep all of your secret spy messages hidden from non-spy eyes. 


Saline Solution Slime

Want to make something cool, slippery oozy and maybe just a little bit gross? Then check out some fascinating resources on slime. We've even included one of our favorite recipes to get you started.


Sink or Float

Let’s learn why some objects can float on top of the water while others sink like... well, like a rock! See if you can predict what will sink and what will float by testing a few things out for yourself.


Bubble Science 

Do you like to blow bubbles? It’s lots of fun when the weather is nice. Learn all about the science of bubbles, and try out some recipes for your very own bubble liquid.


Soap vs. Pepper 

Are you afraid of soap, or do you enjoy relaxing in a warm, soapy bath or shower? Do you think that black pepper is afraid of soap? Let’s experiment and find out!





Have you ever read books about or seen movies set in the Middle Ages? If so, then maybe you’ve seen pictures of catapults, which were weapons designed to break down castle walls. Discover how catapults work, thanks to Newton’s three laws of motion, then build one of your very own!


Building Challenges

Put your engineering skills to the test with these building challenges of famous landmarks from around the world! Read about the landmarks as you attempt to recreate them. All you need for these activities are any building blocks you may have at home! Using the image as a reference, see if you can recreate these icons with your building blocks!


Animal Building Challenges

Construct animals with building blocks at home. Learn more about these animals in our databases World Book and Explora.


Construction Toy Activities

You can build lots of cool things with stuff you probably have at home. Collect your favorite construction toys: pipe cleaners, straws, dominoes, etc., then use our prompts to create and construct!


Tinker Toys

Save cardboard tubes from empty rolls of toilet paper and paper towels, then construct amazing architectural structures and engineering marvels. We’ll show you how!


Stacking Cups Challenge Cards

Grab some plastic cups and use these challenge cards to see how fast or how tall you can stack them. Get ready, then get to stacking!


House of Cards

Using your engineering skills and a deck of cards, see what kinds of amazing structures you can build. Test your problem solving skills and try out different designs.


Snack Bridges

Put your engineering skills to test and see if you can construct a sturdy bridge using only a few favorite snack foods.


Paper Chain Challenge

Let's learn how to make a paper chain, and then put those skills to the test! Timing and technique are important, but so is a creative eye.


Straw Rockets

Design and construct a rocket using paper and a straw. Test out your design, then modify it to improve your initial design.


Learn About Algorithms

In this activity kids will learn about what algorithms are, what they look like in real life, and how they are used by computer scientist to tell computers what to do. These concepts are reinforced by an activity in which kids, using only four directions, will guide a bunny through a map to a carrot.


Build Your Own Algorithm

Let’s learn about algorithms! Algorithms are what computer scientists write to make computers do tasks. In this activity you will write your own algorithm to make a pizza! Includes printable pizza ingredients!


Number Sense

Help your preschooler learn about the basics of number recognition by honing their number sense. Teach them how to subitize! We’ll show you how.



Did you know that some natural objects have shapes made of repeating patterns? These shapes are called fractals, and they repeat at different sizes and form patterns within patterns. Come learn about fractals, then use your powers of observation to discover them all around you.


Special Shapes

Ever heard of an icosahedron? How about an octahedron? No? Then allow us to introduce you to the amazing mathematical shapes known as Platonic solids. 



Let’s see how many shapes you can recognize by testing your skills on our special scavenger hunt. Shapes are all around us. Take a closer look and see what you can find.


Playing with Fractions

Fractions are just smaller parts of a whole, like a slice of pizza or a bite of a cookie. Give this activity a try using toys or other objects you have on hand.


Gallon Man

If you’ve ever followed a recipe, you know it’s important to measure correctly so the recipe turns out the way it's supposed to. But measurements can be confusing. Have no fear, Gallon Man is here! He’ll show you how all of those liquid measurements equate to each other. 


Math Challenge

Practice your math skills with these math challenges. Can you figure out what numbers the images represent? Looking for more math fun? Check out our new database TumbleMath.


Math Challenge: Take a Walk

Practice your math skills on you next outdoor walk. Count how many of these items you can see on each street. Challenge yourself to see if you can figure out the mode, mean, and median.


Spot the Prime Numbers

Can you guess which numbers are the prime numbers? Having trouble guessing? Check out our databases World Book and Explora to learn more about prime numbers and see if you were right.


Fun with Tangrams

A tangram is a Chinese puzzle made by cutting a square into five triangles, a square, and a rhomboid. These shapes can be combined into many different figures. Print and color the tangram in this activity and start making fun figures! 



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1,000 Miles Project

The first-hand account of a 1914 prospecting trip across Nevada provides an engaging way to study history

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